Way Out West Firestarter



Health results:

PHTVL/PHPV 0 (eyes healthy) 31.01.2017
HD B/A 15.02.2018
ED 0/0 15.02.2018
lumbosacral transitional vertebra LTV2 (symmetric) 16.02.2018
spondylosis SP0 (free) 16.02.2018
vertebral anomaly VA1 (mild), number of anomalies: 1 16.02.2018
vWD negative (Embarkvet) 03.03.2018
PDK4 (DCM1) negative (Embarkvet) 03.03.2018
TTN (DCM2) negative (Embarkvet)  
CFA5 (Chromosome 5 DCM Carrier (Higher risk to develop Hannover
mutation) DCM) University 2020
Dilute DD (Embarkvet) 03.03.2018


Work results:

Date Place Judge Test Result
18.11.2018 Hauho Vesa Laaksonen BH passed



Show results:

Date Show Judge Class Result
06.05.2017 Tampere INT Chmiel Boguslaw Jun VG







Diragos Javanth

BH, ZTP V1A, Obedience ALO2

HD - A, PHTVL/PHPV - 0, Heart ultrasound and 5 min ECG - Healthy (2013, 2015, 2017)



HD - A, vWD - free, PHTVL/PHPV - 0

Heart ultrasound & holter - healthy (2017)

V, CAC, Swedish Ch




COI 1,56% (5 generations)

Diragos Javanth Chester von der Töpferstadt Leo vom Märkischen Land Nitro del Rio Bianco
Isa vom Märkischen Land
Gina vom Märkischen Land Mauvieres Mufasa de Stang Zu
Dolly vom Märkischen Land
Mezzrow's Java Justin von den Böllenruthen Heico von der Weschnitz
Bijou von den Böllenruthen
Mezzrow's Gillian Mezzrow's Theo
Mezzrow's Reggae
Way Out West Cayenne Don Diego vom Harten Kern F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell Eko Royal Bell
Eboni vom Residenzschloss
Gräfin Draska Jimona of Mon-ja-mes Jivago van het Wantij
Miss Mona vom Heckendorf
Come As You Are Savannah Matt di Stefusto Grant di Villa Conte
Varuska di Stefusto
Come as you are Feba Febo Fleming del Citone
Come as you are Alabama