News & Updates

15.09.2021 In memoriam WOW Dark Duchesse & WOW Emerald
24.06.2021 In Memoriam Tiffany Toffiffee Alary Aslar "Tellu"
23.03.2021 Added health results for Erna's page
09.02.2021 New female in kennel: Way Out West Janeiro's Hot-M
07.02.2021 Added health results for WOW Furioso
01.02.2021 In memoriam: WOW Capricia & WOW Cinnamon
11.09.2020 Added CFA5 results for Ossi and Sytkä
27.07.2020 Added page for J&K litter
29.03.2020 In memoriam: WOW Chantal
09.03.2020 New female: Bernal
06.03.2020 In memoriam: Way Out West Chaya Cinderella
20.02.2020 In memoriam: Way Out West Cayenne
10.12.2019 Updated F litter's page and Ossi and Sytkä's page
23.10.2019 Updated HK3 result for WOW Emerald
22.10.2019 G litters page updated with health results and IPO2 result for WOW Guilty as Charged
  and ZTP result for WOW Gotta Rock
11.09.2019 Updated health results for Bond litter
14.08.2019 In memoriam: WOW Dolce Vita (Elli)
11.08.2019 TTN (DCM2) gene test results added for Ossi, Sytkä and Tellu
07.06.2019 New upcoming litter. More info from Puppies page
15.03.2019 In memoriam: WOW Hole In One
22.11.2018 Added BH results for WOW Firestarter, Furioso, Nick Nack and Pussy Galore
28.10.2018 Added health results fot WOW Forte, Health and Rally TOKO result for WOW Gutsy Volume
  BH result for WOW Gotta ROck and Search result HK2 for WOW Emerald
18.09.2018 Im memoriam: Way Out West Bonaparte
07.08.2018 WOW Cayenne's (Iida's) heart ultrasound and 5 min ECG result is healthy.
04.09.2018 Added picture for WOW Furioso (Ossi)
13.06.2018 Added pictures for WOW Firestarter. Also all I litter puppies have homes. No puppy plans at
  the moment
08.04.2018 WOW I litter has been born on 5th of April
04.03.2018 Added genetest results for Ossi, Sytkä and Tellu and to the page of H litter
16.02.2018 Added health results for WOW Firestarter and Fantasia
11.02.2018 Puppy news updated. Omppu has been mated and puppies expected at the beginning of April
  Health results updated for WOW Furioso (Ossi) and WOW Fantasia
23.12.2017 Puppy news!
  New look for homepage!
09.12.2017 Updated pitures into WOW Bond and G litters' pages + four BH results for Bond litter
  + WOW Dolce Vita's health results updated
08.12.2017 Updated new exam result HK1 for WOW Emerald
24.09.2017 F litter's page updated
16.09.2017 Added pictures and show results for Furioso and Firestarter
12.06.2017 In Memoriam: Way Out West Aicha
02.04.2017 New picture in Tellu's page
26.02.2017 Added health results for Firestarter, Furioso and Tiffany Toffiffee
  Added also page for H litter
17.09.2016 "About us" page updated and also added health result for Tellu
23.08.2016 Added new page for WOW Furioso and a new picture for WOW Firestarter
23.08.2016 In memoriam WOW Aida
  New picture for WOW Dolce Vita
19.06.2016 New page for WOW Firestarter
04.06.2016 WOW G litter was born on june 3rd. More info on Puppies page.
24.05.2016 WOW Dark Duchesse BH passed on 23.05.
15.05.2016 Miitta had her ultrasound and puppies are expected at the beginning of june
  In memoriam WOW Blazing Expressions
10.04.2016 Miitta has been mated and WOW G-litter is expected at the beginning of june
  WOW malinois litter has been born, more info at puppies page
10.02.2016 WOW Dolce Vita and Tiffany Toffiffee Alary Aslar today both PHTVL/PHPV - 0
31.01.2016 WOW F litter has been born. More info on puppies page.
17.01.2016 Belgian shepherd malinois puppies are expected on march. More info on puppies page.
05.01.2016 In memoriam: Way Out West Ambica
25.12.2015 Iida has been mated and she is pregnant. F litter will be born at the end of january.
  In memoriam: WOW Commercial Break
21.11.2015 F litter info can be found at puppies page. There you can find info also about our other
  upcoming litters
05.10.2015 Updated WOW C-litter's page and Oona's (WOW Emerald) BH result. Also puppy plans
  for RL Madame Madventure and Ataraxie's big Ben are postponed into next spring
20.04.2015 Added health results for WOW Dolce Vita and also WOW Cayenne's page updated.
  Tiffany Toffiffee is the new female at our kennel and got her own page today. Also WOW
  Emerald was removed from the females list.
15.03.2015 New puppy plans
01.12.2014 Updated show and health results for WOW D'Artagnan and added page for WOW Emerald
30.11.2014 In memoriam CAYA Savannah
13.10.2014 Puppy plans changed. Litter is planned on spring 2015
  In memoriam: WOW Adagio
05.09.2014 New mating in the "Puppies" page!
  In memoriam: WOW Dragoness
21.07.2014 Added pictures for D litter and WOW Dragoness
20.07.2014 F litter is planned for autumn 2014. More info on "Puppies" page.
14.07.2014 In memoriam WOW Ayzen
18.03.2014 In memoriam: WOW Con Fuego
  New page for E litter, more info and pictures coming
  F litter planned for this spring
13.09.2013 Update on puppies page. WOW E litter is expected
11.09.2013 In memoriam: Stay In Style Cart Capone
24.08.2013 WOW Cinnamon passed ZTP on 17.08.2013 in Lahti, Finland with Sg1B
22.01.2013 Update on puppies page
12.12.2012 In memoriam WOW Andante
19.11.2012 Added BH result for WOW Cayenne
30.10.2012 WOW Corrado BH passed! Added also WOW Cayenne and SIS Cart Capone´s character test
20.10.2012 In Memoriam SIS Agrata
11.09.2012 Livonija Baronesa Mercedes Mocca ZTP V1A
29.08.2012 Update on A litters page
27.08.2012 Updates on SIS Cart Capone´s progeny pages
29.05.2012 Added 2 new females
28.05.2012 WOW Blazing Expressions BOB in Finnish speciality show! WOW Cayenne MH tested.
06.05.2012 Updated own page for D litter
25.03.2012 WOW D litter was born on 02.03.2012. More info on puppies page!
  SIS Cart Capone´s puppies expected in Eximus Vis kennel
02.02.2012 Added litter for SIS Cart Capone. Contact: Kennel Efkeria´s
12.01.2012 Im memoriam WOW Baruch
29.12.2011 Puppy news!
24.12.2011 Added working results for WOW Aida and MH result for WOW Cinnamon
05.10.2011 WOW Cinnamon and WOW Chantal both have passed BH test!
29.08.2011 Way Out West Blazing Expressions is IDC siegerin 2011!!! Congratulations to owner
  Minna Westerholm, kennel Blazing Expressions
26.08.2011 Update in puppies page. + WOW Ambica´s holter result: healthy, no DCM findings
24.08.2011 WOW Blazing Expressions passed ZTP in Finland on 20.08. with great result V1A
  Added pictures into WOW Ambica´s page
15.08.2011 On 13.08. WOW Ambica passed ZTP with great result: V1A
  WOW Cayenne was on 13.08. in Valkeakoski national dog show and her result was:
  EX1, BF1, CAC and BOB
  Livonija Baronesa Mercedes Mocca passed AD test in Elva on 14.08.
  Added pictures to C litter, WOW Cayenne and Mercedes Mocca´s pages
  Added show results for Mercedes Mocca
12.06.2011 WOW Ambica BH passed on 12.06. and WOW Aida BH passed on 10.06.
31.05.2011 In memoriam WOW Bijou 02.11.2008 - 19.05.2011 (car accident)
  WOW Cinnamon HD - A/B, PHTVL/PHPV - 0
  Added pictures to C litter´s page
  WOW Blazing Expressions in Finnish dobermann speciality show 28.05.2011 open class
  EX 2, CAC, BF4
  WOW Con Fuego 21.05.2011 International Aptus Show: EX1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
02.05.2011 In memoriam WOW Cosmopolitan 09.09.09-20.04.11 (kidney failure)
  Health results: WOW Corrado HD B/B ED 0/0, WOW Chantal HD B/B, PHTVL/PHPV - 0
  WOW Commercial Break HD - A/A, ED - 0/0
10.03.2011 New pictures in C litter´s page + WOW Cosmopolitan HD - B/B
02.03.2011 New mating for SIS Cart Capone in kennel Petremma´s
28.02.2011 CAYA Savannah´s holter result: no signs of DCM. SIS Agrata´s holter result: borderline case
  WOW Blazing Expressions: HD - A/A, ED - 0/0, WOW Con Fuego HD B/C CAH M0 (12.2010)
  New gene test results (WSU/VCGL)
  WOW Bonaparte - negative, WOW Cosmopolitan - negative,
  WOW Cinnamon - pos heterozygote, WOW Con Fuego - pos. heterozygote
23.12.2010 Way Out West dobermanns wishes Merry Christmas ans Joyful New Year 2011 to everyone!
13.12.2010 WOW Cayenne HD A/A + added pictures and results into Capo´s progeny page
12.12.2010 New DCM gene test results(WSU/VCGL):
  WOW Commercial Break - negative
  WOW Corrado - pos. heterozygote
  WOW Chantal - pos. heterozygote
  + added Capo´s holter result - DCM free at the moment
14.11.2010 WOW Corrado PHTVL/PHPV - 0
12.11.2010 Livonija Baronesa Mercedes Mocca PHTVL/PHPV - 0
11.11.2010 DCM DNA test (WSU/VCGL) results arrived. The following dogs were tested:
  Come As You Are Savannah (Matt di Stefusto - CAYA Feba) NEGATIVE
  Stay In Style Agrata (Seedorf - Irria del Mediano) NEGATIVE
  Stay In Style Cart Capone (Livonija Baron Heart of Hamlet - Irria del Mediano) NEGATIVE
  Way Out West Ambica (Stay In Style Axiro - Chocolate v. Lehmannsfelsen) NEGATIVE
  Way Out West Cayenne (Don Diego v. Harten Kern - CAYA Savannah) NEGATIVE
  Livonija Baronesa Mercedes Mocca (Teraline Indigo - Livonija Baronesa Infinity Fly) NEGATIVE
07.11.2010 Added show results and pictures for Livonija Baronesa Mercedes Mocca +
  new pictures for WOW Baruch
20.08.2010 Update in puppies page
11.08.2010 New pictures at WOW Cayenne's page
05.08.2010 New pictures in C litters page
04.08.2010 New picture in Livonijas Baronesa Mercedes Mocca's page
30.07.2010 Ultrasound confirmed Agratas pregnancy so puppies are expected at the end of
28.06.2010 SIS Agrata has been mated with Yankee vom Klingbach. More info at the puppies
24.06.2010 Puppies planned!
13.06.2010 WOW Blazing Expressons on Finnish dobermann speciality show on 05.06. V1, CAC
  and BF3. Also Capo's progeny did well and Efkeria's Glenn Ford was BOB puppy
  and Efkeria's Gracie Allen was second + PP in puppy class 6-9 months.
  Added also new pictures to Essi's gallery
30.05.2010 SIS Agrata yesterday in Germany ZTP V1B
13.05.2010 Added pictures to Capo's progeny page
28.04.2010 Added pictures and show results for WOW Blazing Expressions
23.03.2010 SIS Cart Capone and WOW Ambica are both DNA tested and vWD free (Finnzymes)
21.03.2010 New picture in WOW Cayenne's page
07.03.2010 CAYA Savannah, SIS Cart Capone and WOW Ambica all healthy in heart ultrasound
  Agrata's eye examination - healthy
  + added work video for Anni and Capo's showresults
28.02.2010 News in "Puppies" page. Added showresults for Capo and Anni.
18.01.2010 New picture of Livonija's Baronesa Mercedes Mocca
20.12.2009 Two new females in kennel
18.12.2009 Kennel Way Out West wishes everyone Merry Christmas and Succesfull
  New Year 2010!
12.12.2009 Finnish Winner 2009: WOW Blazing Expressions Finnish Juniorwinner,
  BOS Junior and resCAC! WOW Aida open class EX!
06.12.2009 Update in puppies page and added pictures into Capo's perogeny page
05.12.2009 All puppies are in their new homes!
04.12.2009 Update on puppies page. 1 black female for sale!
10.11.2009 New pictures of the puppies for sale at the puppies page!
  Tartu international dog show on 7.11. SIS Cart Capone EX4 and
  SIS Agrata EX2, BF3
  On 8.11. SIS Cart Capone EX3 and SIS Agrata EX1, BF1, CACIB, BOS
05.11.2009 New page for C-litter! 1 promising black female and first choise brown male
  still available!!!
  SIS Agrata Cardio free!
29.10.2009 SIS Cart Capone and SWH Princess Russka's litter has been born in
  Efkeria's kennel! More info in Capo's progeny page.
25.10.2009 New pictures in C litter's gallery
20.10.2009 New pictures in C litter's gallery
18.10.2009 SIS Agrata passed BH test today in Pärnu
07.10.2009 New pictures in C litter's gallery
01.10.2009 New pictures in C litter's gallery
30.09.2009 Added new pictures into SIS Agrata's gallery
25.09.2009 Added new pictures for WOW Baruch and new page for WOW Bijou
24.09.2009 Added new pics in C litters gallery and also into Anni's fun gallery!
15.09.2009 Added baby gallery for puppies
10.09.2009 WOW C-litter has been born. More info at the puppies page!
08.09.2009 IDC Hungary: SIS Agrata EX4, SIS Cart Capone EX5 ja WOW Ambica EX
  WOW Andante is vWD free
30.08.2009 SIS Cart Capone has mated SWH Princess Russka.
  More info in Capo's progeny page!
  New pictures in WOW Blazing Expressions' gallery
23.08.2009 CAYA Savannah is pregnant and puppies are expected at the second week of
  SIS Cart Capone was EX4 on 22.08. in Kouvola dogshow and today in Heinola his
  result was EX1, BM1, CAC and BOS
  SIS Agrata was yesterday in the Baltic winner show and got EX. Today at Estonian
  speciality show her result was EX3
  SIS Agrata and SIS Cart Capone's spinal x-rays done. No signs of spondylosis
  or wobbler
12.07.2009 CAYA Savannah has been mated. More info from the puppies page
04.07.2009 New puppy news!
03.07.2009 Added new progeny-page for Capo
30.06.2009 New puppy plans. No puppies at the moment.
27.06.2009 New pics in Capo, Anni and Funny's fun galleries
13.06.2009 Today in international dog show in Kotka, Finland WOW Aida was EX1 in intermed.
  class and BF2. She also got resCAC and resCACIB!
12.06.2009 New pictures in WOW Blazing Expressions' gallery
11.06.2009 New picture in WOW Ambica and SIS Agrata's galleries
10.06.2009 New pictures in Agrata's gallery
09.06.2009 New pictures in Capo's gallery
07.06.2009 Today in Estonian Dobermann Club speciality show WOW Blazing Espressions
  was BOB puppy. WOW Ambica was V2 in junior class, SIS Cart Capone was V2
  in intermed. class, BM4 and got CAC. SIS Agrata was V1 in open class, best
  brown female and got CAC + BIS4
06.06.2009 Today in Estonian Winner show WOW Ambica was EX2 in junior class, got
  jCAC -> EST JCH and was BF4. SIS Cart Capone was EX 4 in interm. class
24.05.2009 CAYA Savannah was today in Finnish character test and got + 125p.
  + added show results for WOW Aida
23.05.2009 SIS Cart Capone passed BH test today in Tartu!
05.05.2009 New pictures in Anni and Capo's stand galleries
29.04.2009 Added new work gallery for Agrata and new pictures into Capo's fun gallery
27.04.2009 New puppy plans for summer 2009!
17.04.2009 Added pictures into Capo, Anni and Agrata's galleries
14.04.2009 Added pictures to Capo's work gallery
12.04.2009 In Memoriam; Chocolate v. Lehmannsfelsen
10.04.2009 Added new pictures for Dita
08.04.2009 Added picture to Anni's junior gallery
05.04.2009 Added new pics into WOW Ambica's work gallery + showresults from
  Rakvere's national dog show for Ambica, Capo and Agrata
25.03.2009 Added new fun gallery for WOW Ambiga
23.03.2009 Added health statistics to A litters page
  + new pics in WOW Ambica and SIS Agrata's galleries
22.03.2009 Latvian winner showresults: SIS Agrata open class V1, CAC, resCACIB,
  BF2. Capo in interm. class V2 and WOW Ambica in junior class V2
20.03.2009 Update on puppies page + new pictures and gallery for Aphrodita
03.03.2009 New pictures in Agrata and Anni's galleries + new gallery for Capo
03.03.2009 New female in our kennel: Rewal's Phoenyx Aphrodita
01.03.2009 New pics in Choco, WOW Andante and WOW Aida's galleries
  + new pics in WOW Baruch and WOW Blazing Expression's pages
26.02.2009 Capo is CAH healthy
20.02.2009 New pics in Capo and Anni's work gallery and in Capo's junior gallery
17.02.2009 WOW Ambica is PHTVL/PHPV - 0
05.02.2009 WOW Ambica's HD and ED results came today! HD A/A, ED 0/0
30.01.2009 New pics in Capo's junior gallery
25.01.2009 New page for WOW Blazing Expressions
18.01.2009 Pictures from the Fabrizio Coppola's training in Pärnu are in Capo's
  work gallery and in Anni's work gallery
10.01.2009 Today in national dog show in Tartu WOW Ambica was V1 in junior
  class. She also got jCAC and was BF2. SIS Cart Capone was V1 in
  intermed. class. He also got CAC and was BM2.
05.11.2009 New page for WOW Baruch
03.01.2009 New page for B litter. All puppies have homes!
02.01.2009 News in the puppies page. 1 black female still available!
12.12.2008 Added pics into B-litter's gallery. Puppies 6 weeks old!
07.12.2008 Added pics into B-litter's gallery. Puppies 5 weeks old!
30.11.2008 Added Baby Gallery for B litter
08.11.2008 Today in Tartu International Dog Show our dogs did pretty well!
  WOW Ambica was V1 in Junior class and BOS junior, junCAC
  SIS Cart Capone was V1 in junior class and BOB junior + junCAC, BM2
  SIS Agrata was V1 in open class, BF1, BOB, BIG2 + CAC & CACIB
04.11.2008 WOW B litter has been born. More information here!
  Added Capo's showresult from Rakvere.
21.10.2008 SIS Cart Capone's HD and ED results came today!
  He has HD A/A, ED 0/0
07.10.2008 Funny's ultrasound yesterday confirmed her pregnancy!
  Added pics to Funnys stand gallery, Capo's junior gallery and new junior gallery for Ambica
08.09.2008 Funny has been mated. More info here!
24.08.2008 Some new head pictures of WOW ambica and WOW Ayzen
20.08.2008 New pictures of WOW Ambica
17.08.2008 Shownews: Yesterday in international show in Tallinn SIS Agrata was
  EX1 in open class. She also got CAC and was BF3
  WOW Aida, "Selma" was in Kouvola Finland, BOS puppy with PP
16.08.2008 Finnish pages are finally ready!
12.08.2008 New pictures of WOW Adagio
12.08.2008 New pictures of WOW Adele
06.08.2008 New homepage today! Old news page can be found here.
  Site is still under construction and estonian and finnish sites will be
  ready soon!