Stay In Style Cart Capone



23.07.2007 - 29.08.2013

Euthanasia due to arthritis in right knee


Don't grieve for me,

for now I'm free.

I've left behind some misery.

My days of youthful agility,

were no longer a possibility.

My weak joints and cloudy eyes,

were longing for the heavenly skies.

Before I lost all dignity,

You let me enter eternity.

Don't grieve for me,

You've set me free.

Just remember how I used to be.


Health results:

PHTVL/PHPV 0 (healthy)  
HD A/A  
ED 0/0  
CAH M0 (normal) 26.02.2009
back and neck x rays no wobbler or spondylosis 08.2009
Hear ultrasound + 5 min ECG healthy 03.2010
vWD free (Finnzymes)  
Holter 24h healthy 11.2010
DCM DNA-test (WSU/VCGL, PDK4) negative #384 10.11.2010

Work results:

Test Result Date Judge Place
BH Passed 23.05.2009 Martina Matikainen Tartu, Estonia
ZTP Sg1B 13.08.2011 Rudi Killmaier Elva, Estonia
Finnish character test + 158 +++ 27.10.2012 L. Yli-Suvanto & A. Juppi Helsinki


Show results:

Date Show Judge Class Result
01.06.2008 Speciality show, Tallinn Allan Berling Christensen junior V3
30.06.2008 IDC 2008 Sweden P. Pezzano, Italy junior SG
25.10.2008 Rakvere, CAC W. Hubenthal, Norway junior SG
08.11.2008 Tartu CACIB Olga Kupriyanova, Russia junior V1, BOB jun, BM2, junCAC
10.01.2009 Tartu CAC Carsten Birk intermed V1,CAC, BM2
21.03.2009 Latvian Winner 2009 Christian Jeaunicot, France intermed V2
04.04.2009 Rakvere CAC Igoris Zizevskis, Latvia intermed V1, BM4
  Sillamäe CAC   intermed  
06.06.2009 Estonian Winner 2009 Philip John, India intermed V4
07.06.2009 Speciality show, Tallinn Thomas Becht, Germany intermed V2, BM4, CAC
22.08.2009 Kouvola Finland, CAC Juta Haranen, Estonia open V4
23.08.2009 Heinola Finland, CAC Irina Poletaeva open V1, BM1, CAC, BOS
06.09.2009 IDC, Hungary Thomas Becht open V5
07.11.2009 Tartu CACIB Anne Tove Strande open V4
08.11.2009 Tartu CACIB Boris Spoljaric open V3
21.02.2010 Valmiera, Latvia Alenka Cerne, Slovenia open V1, BM4
06.03.2010 Tallinna Ingrid Andersson open V3, BM4



COI (8 generations) 6,3658%

Livonijas Baron Heart of Hamlet


Nitro del Rio Bianco Nilo del Rio Bianco Nero del Diamante Nero
Athena del Rio Bianco
Farah del Rio Bianco Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam
Sophie del Rio Bianco
Paola Penelopa Piligrimas Victor di Casa Balestrieri Cock di Casa Balestrieri
Elli di Casa Balestrieri
Taisija iz Slavnoi Stai Ugor di Villa Conte
Indira v.d. Räuberhöhle

Irria del Mediano



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Tahi Reme Wally
Honey Moon Woodoo Majesty Casanova Altobello
Anabel Tea Ginga House
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Tequila Mali del Citone
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