Way Out West kennel is a small home kennel registered in FCI on 2006. Back then we lived and studied in Estonia so it only made sense to breed under Estonian Kennel Union. Our first litter was born on 2007 and our first 4 litters were born in Estonia.

House in Tartu where the first 4 litters were born

House in Lempälä where 2 dobermann litters have been born
Finally on 2013 we moved our kennel into Finland. To this date (Sept-17.2016), we have 4 litters registered in Finnish Kennel Club. Besides dobermanns we have now bred a Belgian shepherd (malinois) litter and hopefully in the future after we have gained some more experience we'll get to work some more with both of these breeds.
With our own dogs we train for our own pleasure and also with some results in our mind. When it comes to breeding dogs the most important thing in training is to gain some insight about your own breeding material. Of course all our dogs enjoy activities together with us and what would be better than a happy, tired dog after a good days work.

Training field in Lempäälä

Doggies yard in Lempäälä
Our goal is to breed both physically and mentally healthy dogs who can be trained for dog sports. For breeding we only use health screened dogs without forgetting the character. Our thoughts about confrontation is that the dog should be healthy and suitable for the work it was originally created. This does not exclude success in dog shows but does not guarantee it either. Working ability, health and beauty might be every breeders dream. Our goal is to breed every combination in a way that we ourselves would want to have puppy from that litter.

Way Out West puppies will be sold only to responsible homes where they can live within the family and where they will be loved as family members. This means that the dog should live inside the house with it's owner! Puppies are NOT sold for yard or large kennel dogs or for people who will use them for property guarding. Puppies are handed over to their new homes at the age of 7 weeks when they are all dewormed, microchipped, FCI registered and checked by veterinarian.


We hope that new owners will be in touch with us during the whole lifespan of the dog. We'd love to see pictures on how they develop and hear opinions about their character. It would be nice to see them participating in tests and working competitions as well as in dogshows. We would also appereciate if owners would do at least some health examinations. That would give us lots of valuable information for the future. If you are interested in owning a WOW puppy please contact us. There are sometimes delays with homepage updates so there might be some litter plans going on even if there is no mention about it on the homepage.

Best regards,

-Vilma & Petra-